The timeline for obtaining authorization from the insurance provider can vary significantly based on a few factors.    


  1. Documentation – Insurance providers have specific requirements that must be met. Once an order is received a highly experienced member of our team will review order documentation to ensure compliance with insurance standards and requirements. If additional documentation is needed, a request will be sent to the healthcare provider. Missing or incomplete orders can delay the authorization process.
  2. Type of equipment – The complexity and cost of the medical equipment impact the timeline for authorization. Basic items may get approval relatively quickly while more specialized equipment may necessitate additional scrutiny and documentation, and take anywhere from 10-14 business days or longer.


Please note that we do not submit for authorization until all documentation is received and requirements have been met.  Once authorization is submitted the insurance provider may ask for additional information. Given these variables, the timeframe to receive authorization can range from just a few days to several weeks. 

A member of our team will contact you to schedule delivery once all requirements have been met. This means the following has been completed:

  • Verification of Insurance eligibility and benefits
  • All documentation has been received and is in compliance with insurance requirements
  • pre-authorization has been received
  • Out of pocket cost (if any) has been disclosed to patient and all parties are in agreement for payment of balance owed.

CPAP / BIPAP Supplies – Every 3 months

Urological Supplies – Monthly

Ostomy Supplies – Monthly  

Incontinence Supplies – Monthly

You will need to contact your healthcare provider to update your order.